Provide a unified view for rolling up estimates by assignee when using a combination of Features and Requirements for estimating and assigning tasks

Use case: While features are used for assigning and estimating some work that needs to be done, there are other features that need to have the work split across different developers and also have different estimates. The approach for doing this is splitting out the Feature into individual requirements and making the work assignments at the requirements level. 

However, when doing assignments at both the Feature and Requirements level, there isn't a good unified view for seeing the total aggregate workload by assignee when trying to create a report to view the load balance across the team. When trying to use reporting for this, it works fine as long as all the estimating and assignments are done at either the Feature or Requirements level. However, I wasn't able to come up with an effective report that wasn't confusing and/or potentially misleading as it ends up displaying both the aggregate Feature level estimate as well as the individual requirement estimates. 

I also considered the Workflow view as it now provides the nice view to see the work per user. However, this only display the estimates at the feature level based on the feature assignee. 

Current workarounds seem to require either doing all the estimating and assigning at the Feature level (which would require splitting out some Features into multiple features to represent different assignees and estimates) or doing it all at the requirements level so you could create reports using the assignees and estimates for either Features or Requirements but not trying to use both. 

  • Matt Case
  • Nov 9 2015
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Release time frame
  • Jan 14, 2016

    Admin Response

    With recent updates to the Pivot tables, it is now possible to create a report which shows estimates across both Features and Requirements by each assignee.

    Through the pivot table, add both Feature estimate and Requirement estimate to the Cells section and calculate the Totals within the Cells. You can then Summarize the table to calculate totals across all rows and columns to view estimates for each assignee.

    This will total the feature and requirement estimates based on the time period or selected release for each user.

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