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Notebook PDF export: repeat gantt chart headers across pages Merged

Release -> Roadmaps view produces a GANTT chart across multiple releases, which is great. 

When adding this view to a notebook, then exporting to PDF, the GANTT chart headers, where the year/ month information is, does not carry over to page 2 and beyond. This makes it very frustrating for my audience to understand the information on page 2 and beyond. 

Short of asking my audience to pencil in the year/ month by themselves on each page, is there a better way? 


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  • Nov 2 2015
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    Ron Yang commented
    November 02, 2015 19:07

    Thanks for the suggestion. We are working on major upgrades to Notebooks which will give you more flexibility in how Views can be displayed.

    I've merged your idea into a larger one to reflect the larger initiative which also relates to your idea.