Do not show release bubbles for sub-releases on the product overview screen

The top level product line marks the release dates with a bubble. While this is fine for master releases, creating a good overview, each and every sub release contained in a master release ALSO appears as a (smaller) bubble. This adds ZERO information (hovering over the master release bullet shows the sub releases) and makes the overview so crowded it loses all value as overview. It's useless for a management presentation.

Please ether remove all bubbles referring to sub releases that are already contained in a master release (redundant info), OR create a user defined parameter / filter allowing to display these releases or to hide them in the "bubble overview" at the top.

  • Tom Andries
  • Sep 20 2015
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  • Guest commented
    October 13, 2015 18:30

    In general, portfolio view is a WAY confusing default page for reviewers and other first-time visitors. The least user friendly of all Aha views imho...this suggestion isa  good one...but also ability to define landing page.