A way of Cataloging market facts and mapping them to an idea

I get a ton of market data: industry reports, anecdotes from sales and sales calls, demos with customers, interviews, support calls with customers, etc. 

My problem is this: how do I tie these various market facts to an idea/feature? I need to be able to recall key facts so that I can appropriately justify how features are prioritized. Moreover this helps me 'prove out' an idea by pointing to a key fact from an interview or document. 

Right Now I do this by keeping a table in the notes section for a product and type out each market fact/anecdote listing the corresponding idea/feature in the table. It works, but its not a very slick method of quickly matching a feature to the facts. 

Any thoughts?

  • Johnathan Lucky
  • Sep 8 2015
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    Ron Yang commented
    November 06, 2015 17:52

    The best way to achieve this would be through the use of Custom Fields (accessible in settings).

    You could either choose a single custom field, or you can create multiple custom fields (one for Industry Reports, one for anecdotes from sales calls, etc) and start to track all of this information back to specific ideas and features in a more formulaic manner. 

    This would also enable you to create Reports in Aha! with this data.