Visual dashboards to review performance at-a-glance

It would enable people to see information in near/real-time on a dashboard to drive decision making around product or portfolio performance, which would benefit senior managers and stakeholders, and replace the need for project board reports focused on status updates. I think you need the ability to create your own dashboards, but it will require data visualisation patterns, and templates to get people started. A portfolio dashboard is an absolute must for most organisations. 

  • Stuart Arthur
  • Aug 19 2015
  • Already exists
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  • Jan 6, 2016

    Admin Response

    As described in the comments, this can be achieved today through the use of live notebooks. Every screen in Aha! can be shared to a notebook, and custom reports/dashboards can be created and shared via the Report pages.

    By setting the notebook to update live, it will always contain the most up to date information.

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  • Admin
    Suzanne Vaughan commented
    September 15, 2015 20:19

    Hi Stuart -- you can achieve this today through the use of live notebook pages. With Reports - Pivot or Timeline you can create dashboards. Every screen in Aha! can be shared to a notebook. These then can be set to update live. If you were to take just that notebook page and display it, you'd have your dashboard. Have you given that a try?

  • Michael Zadda commented
    March 21, 2017 21:30

    Problem with the notebook is it's not a single page dashboard where parts of the page can display various live data object. For example we have product line owners who would want to see multiple product performance in a single dashboard then trying to flip through multiple pages.  Multiple pages is useful do dive into details. But definitely needs to have a summary dashboard that can aggregate performance data from various products.