Checkbox to override automatic capitalization of customized terminology

Provided by: Kenneth MacArthur

We want to customize “release” to be “QBO set”, and “feature” to be “QBO”. This works great, except that in *a lot* of places in the UI, you force-capitalise the first letter of the term, but no others. This looks *really* ridiculous when made into a lower case term (Qbo). I can kinda understand why you’re doing this, but it seems like unnecessary parenting, at least for those of us who know what we’re doing. ;) Is there any chance you could provide a checkbox in the UI to allow customers to choose whether or not this automatic capitalisation adjustment will take place?

There are also places in the UI where an adjustment to the capitalisation is *not* made - this is arguably even worse, as there is then not even a consistent experience of the terminology across the UI.

Would you agree that lower-casing inherently upper-case acronyms is Not A Good Thing?

  • Matt Case
  • Aug 19 2015
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