math based requirements and ideas prioritization

You software supports prioritization of ideas and projects/epics using absolute scale. There is ample literature that shows this type of scoring to be too subjective to be meaningful in many cases. There is more advance way of prioritizing - based on the AHP theory in the Operation Research. See this paper for instance (the guy behind this paper founded the company FocalPoint, which was bought by IBM in early 2000s, was then part of Rational Suite and then was sold to these guys). There is also free software you could get from . 

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  • Aug 18 2015
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  • Dec 23, 2015

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    We have recently shipped updates to our scorecards to allow for relative scales (and fully customized scales). You can now use popular prioritization techniques including Fibonacci and Powers of 2 (or to use your own custom scale).

    You can see more on our blog post:

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