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Categories Account settings
Created by Danny Archer
Created on Jul 15, 2015

Export list of users

As an account administrator, I would like the ability to export a list of all my users to a .csv file and include information on their last login as well as their user role access to the various product/product lines in my account.

Name Email Last Active Paid Seat Admin Product 1 Product 2


11:32 PM 7/14/2015 X X Product Owner Reviewer

2:05 PM 1/3/2014

X   Reviewer Product Owner

1) Having the products listed in separate columns is key to sorting

2) Having the users permission listed for each product is key to sorting.

3) Ensuring inherited permissions are displayed is key to sorting. (If I am a product owner on a product line, I inherit access to all child objects)

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  • Guest
    Jul 20, 2015

    Definitely a requirement for us to help keeping our access up-to-date and secure. Aha! contains very sensitive information and it's hard to today ensuring that only active employees have access.

  • Guest
    Jul 17, 2015

    Yes.  I would love this!  I had to copy/paste this content out of the system recently and that took way too long.  I hope this comes soon.  Thanks!