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Created on Jun 14, 2015

Filter by release phase in feature board, list

We are experimenting with using release phases for contain our sprints (1 to 2 weeks) while the release itself represents several sprints + some extra testing/beta phases. It would be great to be able to filter in the Feature Board, Kaban Board, Feature List by release phase, especially when using the same templated releases.

    Jun 15, 2015

    You can create a custom field to track which sprint a feature belongs to. Then you can filter by that custom field. 

    You may create custom fields in Products, Releases,  Features and Ideas. See this support note for help:

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  • Guest
    Jul 23, 2015

    While the solution mentioned on 6/15 around using custom fields could work, it's a workaround against the actual request. In a release, phases are already being utilized and Aha! supports the ability to link features to phases. I believe the ask was really to leverage the already created phases and association of features to phases to just filter the view on the board, list, and workflow features view. I know I personally would like that functionality instead of having to add a tag or custom field to do associations against a feature and phase I've already associated together in order to support filtering.

    Use case:

    On the Workflow board, it displays all the features in the release but maybe I want to focus just on those features in phase 1 (my current phase). There's no dropdown option on the filter menu to be able to filter by release. Any workarounds are adding extra work to the end user, introduces room for error, etc. vs. adding phase as a drop-down option from the filter menu.