Allow for a check list to be copied to the GitHub product AND not change the check list in the originating work activity.

The check list  (versus ordered / unordered list) in the text field is very nice. However, integration process translates the Check List  to an unordered list in GitHub and then updates that back to the originating work activity.  This process changes the original check list in the work activity to a unordered list.  Not sure if this constitutes an error, but it appears to be inconsistent at a minimum.

My Reason:   Why have a check list initially in the work activity just to have it change to a unordered list.   It's O.K. , I guess, to have a unordered list in the GitHub issue, but to have it changed in the work activity... not good.

It would be great if the check list would be consistently used and updated throughout all the different records.

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  • Jun 4 2019
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