Add a one way data integration from CA Agile Feature Actual Start/End Date into AHA features as view only

When integrating with CA Agile, we can pass feature planned dates between both applications. When the execution/delivery teams begin work on a feature, the feature actual start date is systematically updated. This date is sometimes different from the planned start date. 

Currently in order to gain accurate start information into the product roadmap, someone is required to manually update the planned date to the actual start date.

The enhancement request would be to allow a one way data feed from CA Agile into AHA that displays a features ACTUAL start date w/o requiring manual updating/managing of data on a feature by feature basis. 

W/O the enhancement:

1- Manual data entry allows for increased data integrity risk/issues on the feature and within the various roadmaps

2- Not having this update automatically feed from one system to the other decreases the speed of accuracy of the data within AHA for reporting and planning purposes on the product side of things (i.e. it requires someone to go in and "fix" dates)

3- by replacing the planned date value with an actual date value, we lose the opportunity to inspect and adapt thus removing the opportunity to have data driven process improvement opportunities should there be a need.  

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  • Apr 9 2019
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