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Created on Feb 28, 2019

Requirements Expected Input/Ouput and Validation

Requirement - Expected data

When you create a requirement it will be nice to have default options like

Data Input
Data output
Data Validation

For example, if it is a Credit Card Registration requirement:


As a user of the platform, I would like to register my credit card for future purchases.

Data Input:

+ Credit Card # 
+ Expiration Date 
+ CVV 
+ Owner Name

Data Output:

+ API code 200 OK 
+ The platform will render an appropriate dialog as a response for the user, any value other than 200 is considered a failure.


+ Validate length for each value entered 
+ Check CC # with Luhn algorithm

We used the + comments to accomplish this goal, however, I think it will be nice to have something like this.


I think it will be useful in a Trello card, so the developer knows which data he has to consider when coding that logic.



    Jul 22, 2022

    Thank you for your idea. We would recommend using custom fields for this. Custom fields allow you to capture information that is very specific to your business or use case. Custom fields can also be included in integrations so that the details can be sent to developers.

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