Enable "admin response" in report filter with "blank" and "non-blank" filters

Hello, it would be nice to find out which features already do have admin responses via filters that I would include on reports. 


Our scenario

1) we CSV-imported lots of ideas from excel given to us by business(former method of idea capturing.. dont ask...)

2) we assigned different statuses to each idea imported from excel data

3) we need to know which statuses have already been reviewed by filtering for those which have admin response

  • Daniel Pokrývka
  • Feb 24 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Daniel Pokrývka commented
    25 Feb 20:51

    Hi, it would be probably naive to have it tomorrow, right ? :-) .. need it
    badly. Or instead a suggestion how to filter out ideas that were officially
    evaluated (not by workarounding by specific status). Some hidden built-in
    filter .. or anything..

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    25 Feb 23:23

    Hi there, as you noted we would typically recommend using status to differentiate an idea that needs review from one that has been reviewed. This gives you the additional benefit of being able to filter and/or sort by the "status changed to..." field. 

    Another idea would be to use the "Idea last active" field. You can also filter and/or sort by this field to see ideas that have been updated recently. These updates would include the addition of an admin response. It is not a filter by admin response specifically, but it would help you to identify those ideas that have or have not been updated recently. 

  • Daniel Pokrývka commented
    08 Mar 23:02

    Hello, yes, I have utilized several different workaorounds succesfully, but had to combine few of those.

    As for the statuses - it is quite clear that status workflow should be the differentiator. But if you do consider my outlined scenario, you will see, that statuses were imported along with other attributes. Some statuses were migrated as "Already exists", some as "Future consideration" .. and we were not sure whether we can trust the migration logic and more importantly the source of data for migration. Hence we needed to have every feature reviewed.


    Could I have migrated everything into status "Needs review"? Yes, I could. Unfortunately I did not. Hence usage of another approach, "Admin response". 

    Disregarding how many workarounds can be combined together to find the same thing at least remotely similarly (last active DateTime is not the same thing as admin response.. last active can suggest also only "work in progress after migration", not necesarilly "work done after migration" .. if you see what I mean).

    Bottom line. Admin response is there so that user can be informed about how was the idea processed by admins of the portal in a sense of providing rationale behind status change or confirmation that the decision is final. I consider a need to filter by this valid. The "team lead" of admins that are reviewing idea might want to to know, where rationale behind status changes was not provided by his subordinates. And also the agent admins might be interested in which features the admin response was forgotten.

    Ultimately - I see no reason not to be able to filter by this field as to filter by any field that is exposed to user interface of the major entities in aha, wouldn't you agree? Frankly I am a little surprised that this was not part of entity extension conventions in your dev team when the Admin response was added to the web app.