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Categories Roadmaps
Created by Rachel Brown
Created on Jan 25, 2019
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit APP-I-1712 Add all features to presentation convenience method on Features->Roadmap view.

Auto-check any newly added feature in the feature roadmap under reports Merged

Aha! came out with this new great feature where you can set filters to automatically add newly created releases or features to a report automatically if it fits within the filters.

However, If I try to do this on the feature roadmap report, i can automatically make sure newly created releases are added, but it doesn't automatically check off the newly added features. I would love a setting where I could force the features to be automatically checked.

To be clear, though, this should only cover the newly added features. If I uncheck a feature, it should remain unchecked since that feature was not newly added to the report.

  • Guest
    Jun 21, 2019

    Yes this feature would be a godsend. 


    We we are using Aha across a large organization with more than 100 products. We set up each of the Features Roadmaps as part of a View (with live updating) and embedded those views into Notebooks. Then embedded all of those notebooks on an internal intranet site where each product has its own page. 


    But now when people add new features to the roadmap, they don’t automatically flow to the intranet. Having them find the features roadmap and check the box is a non-starter.