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Created by Anh Truong
Created on Oct 30, 2020
Merged idea
This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit A-I-8802 Sync goals between parent and child records.

Automation rule to make sure the initiatives and goals always match between the feature and epic Merged

We'd like the ability to set up automation rules for records that are added to other records. In our case, we'd like to have a trigger in place when a feature is added to a capability.

Currently, we have one set up where features in an epic will inherit the epic's initiatives and goals; however, this rule only triggers in a specific certain way:
If features are added to an epic, and then the user assigns the initiatives/goals at the epic level after, features will inherit those I/Gs.

Where it doesn't work:
Epic initiative/goals are set by the user; however, any features added after the fact will not inherit the I/Gs.

We'd like to set up a rule to make sure the I/Gs always match between the feature and epic, regardless of the order they're added.

  • Sylwia Zalinska
    Apr 6, 2023

    On this topic, it would bring immense value to add "AND" / "OR" rules to automation, so that, for example, we can trigger an email notification if a combination of fields are selected, instead of jumping straight to "THEN" xyz.