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Status Likely to implement
Categories Slack
Created by Nir Soffer
Created on Oct 23, 2020

Notify users on Slack when they are tagged in Aha! through slack integration

Right now - when tagging someone in Aha! it links the user on Aha! to the comment e.g.

Comment by XXX
@YYY (link to user in Aha!) ....

But it is useless to have it that way - it would be much nicer if the tagging on the comment in Aha! corresponded somehow to a slack user and notified them.

Release time frame 3 months
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  • Isaac Stennett
    Jun 17, 2022

    I would love it if I got a notification in slack when someone tags me in a conversation or assigns me to a task. I know I can kind of get that by configuring a workspace channel feed but there's so much noise--I just want to know if someone "@"s me.

  • Mike Figueroa
    Jun 9, 2022

    At CraftJack, we previously set up a Slack bot to @ mention Slack users when a ticket was ready for user acceptance testing. The business stakeholder (or PM) on that ticket would then need to UAT that ticket to approve it for release. Often times, these stakeholders are not always living in Aha or JIRA, so they need a nudge like this in order to address that ticket. The Aha to Slack integration right now only sends a feed of activity with no @ mentions, but you could change it to send to certain Aha people fields (like assigned, or in our case, custom stakeholder field).