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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Victoria Morrella
Created on Oct 13, 2020

API Access Logs

As an admin, we are addressing logging and monitoring policies in our company. We would like to capture a log of API calls made to a specific Aha instance.

We are aware that you have an activity webhook that will notify our system of every change to a domain object (Feature, Release, etc) in Aha; however, it does not provide the view of the numerous API Calls as any user with access into an instance can generate an API Key.

API log should have information on the API key used, time of access, what data was accessed, how was it accessed (read, create, delete, update), etc.

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  • David Willequer
    Oct 1, 2022

    This is absolutely critical. Currently, as an administrator, I have no visibility on integrations that have been created by end users via the Aha! Reset API and also have no way of restricting those user's ability to create integrations or interacting with the Aha! API.