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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 30, 2020

Improve the creation, change and management of the Line and Workspace capabilities in easy-to-use way(s)

  1. There needs to be a 'better' way to create the Line and Workspace hierarchy

  2. Right now, you go to an arcane place ( Account / Customizations / Workspaces )

  3. Then you create a Line, … then you create a workspace ( or another Line )

  4. This is a Wizard-like function that repeats with two main choices ( LINE / Workspace ) and sub-choices within each of those. Why don't you make it into a more scalable process that allows the use to do the action in one window / pane and see the result in a neighboring pane / window ( similar to how Apple has their coding tool for iOS and the simulator window right next to that so you can see your actions of coding create a result in near-real-time ).

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