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Status Future consideration
Created by Cyril Bousquet
Created on Jul 30, 2020

Ability to run a report that lists all virtual users and which teams they are part of

We have been using the advanced capacity planner and used that to define allocation of our engineers by teams.

We are trying to get the list of our virtual users with the various teams they are defined as part of.

We are looking for a way to export the resulting list of users by team so that we can hand that over to our engineering org for review, to ensure we have not added anyone twice or in two different teams and ultimately to implement the change and move people.

We are also looking for a report that could list all virtual users that are part of no team to detect such cases where we have hidden capacity from people we did not add to any team.

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  • Richard M
    Jan 26, 2021

    Being able to export/import team-to-people organization is a great idea. In addition, we need a visualization showing the team, the assigned work (initiatives for us), the members and member roles of the team. And a way to filter the work by individual to see the teams that individual is allocated to and what work is associated. Attached a wireframe.