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Categories Roadmaps
Created by Daniel Cohen
Created on Jul 27, 2020

Enable roadmap reports that only show parking lot releases.

As a product manager, I can run roadmap reports that only display parking lot releases, so that I can analyze my future opportunities.

We use custom roadmaps to communicate with our stakeholders. Our CTO would like to know what we're considering doing but haven't yet put on our roadmap. We keep those possibilities in our parking lots. We'd like to be able to create lists, pivot tables, or other reports that display only those parking lot possibilities.

One suggestion for implementation is to change the way the Release Settings field is used in Filters. Presently, I can filter on "Show parking lot” and “Show shipped releases”. Perhaps you could add “Show production releases” as another option.

    Dec 16, 2022

    This is possible today using the Release date filter. Since parking lots do not have release dates, setting the filter to Release date: is blank will filter the list to only show parking lots.

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