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Status Future consideration
Categories Strategy
Created by Justin Woods
Created on Jun 21, 2020

Ability to change or hide the default "guidance" text when creating Goal and Initiative records

Currently there is some default text which appears at the top of the create modal for both Goals and Initiatives records. Even though it updates to reflect overridden terminology, this boilerplate text can provide guidance to users that conflicts with desired internal process.

For goal records the default text says:

Goals should tie to your strategy and be easy to understand, measurable, and achievable within a year. Enter the goal (e.g. Grow revenue) and an objective success metric (e.g. +25%). Goals can be linked to weeks and engagements.

This is misleading if it conflicts with internal process/guidance, for example if goals should be quarterly or if goal records represent something entirely different!

This would really help with providing clear and consistent guidance when training users on Aha! with a specific process in mind.

I have uploaded screenshots of the default text which appears at the top of the create record modal for both Goals and Initiatives .

Interestingly other record types don't seem to have this default guidance text so it would be good to make it consistent as well.

Thanks for considering!

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