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Status Future consideration
Created by Adrian Romero
Created on Feb 13, 2020

Keep notification's email subject consistent to allow email threads/conversations instead of single emails per change

As a user, I would have all the notifications email for specific ideas or releases in a single conversation/thread.

In Gmail, if I receive multiple emails with the same subject, they get grouped in a conversation/thread. To do this, I believe the best way would be to have set the subject to something like

  • [AHA] Changes on I-123 Example Idea Name


So instead of getting

  • [AHA] Product Manager Moved on Example Idea Name to Release XYZ
  • [AHA] John Doe commented on I-123 Example Idea Name
  • [AHA] Multiple people updated  Example Idea Name
  • [AHA] John Doe edited comment on I-123 Example Idea Name


I would get 4 emails with the title

  • [AHA] Changes on I-123 Example Idea Name

And Gmail would automatically group them in a single conversation/thread.

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