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Status Future consideration
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Created by jason mercer
Created on Feb 4, 2020

Changing status and/or approvals of master activity should have option to change status of all children actitvities

In marketing mode (so to speak) we use a lot of templated campaigns (master activities) that have a number of deliverables (activities) that we duplicate. Sometimes we'll just want to approve everything all at once (e.g. after a meeting) or we may want to abandon a campaign all at once. Having to individually traffic all of the dependent activities is very tedious and ends up creating orphans or team frustration with Aha (which I as manager am trying to avoid).

So if I changed the status of the master activity from "working on it" to "ready for approval" I could imagine a pop-up that says "apply new status to all dependent activities?" and getting three choices (this verbiage is wordy on purpose - I'm sure in practice you will make it a lot pithier):

"Yes to all" (move all children activities to 'ready for approval' regardless of their prior status).
"Yes to all activities earlier in the workflow" (e.g. move all children activities to 'ready for approval'. But if an activity has already has a higher status (e.g. 'approved' or 'shipped,' don't change its status)
"No" (don't change status of any children activities)


The impact

This will allow Aha to be used as a more effective project management tool, and allow PMs, marketers, and creatives to group and move related tasks in a much more efficient and intuitive way. Which will lead to greater adoption and dare I say love by marketing teams. 

Bonus points
Once Master Activities get this superpower, then we should also be able to duplicate them along with all of their children activities in one fell swoop. That makes templatizing specific campaigns, email newsletters, etc. a radically easier task in Aha and will bring it to parity with competing project management systems.

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  • Danielle A
    Dec 6, 2021

    The ability for dependencies to reflect their child records statuses would also be beneficial as our developers tend to group stories into epics that are too granular to show on a roadmap. We want to create master epics that sit above these more granular epics for roadmap usage (would be tedious for our PMs to link all stories to this master epic + Jira doesn't allow a story to be linked to multiple epics). It's key though that these master epics reflect the status of the epics we establish dependencies with because we want to avoid additional work for our developers / PMs. Reason we'd like to use master epics v. releases is because we want to track slippage of the new experiences we're delivering to clients.