Status Future consideration
Categories Reports
Created by Deirdre Clarke
Created on Jan 9, 2020

Support the creation of a table of data within Aha! without knowing which types of data records each element is yet

Sometimes I know what information I would like to store and report on within Aha! but I am not sure which record types they are yet. I would like to be able to visually format a table of information, and create the relationships between each before deciding how to best map it to specific Aha! record types.

Allow me to do this directly within Aha! for me to visualize and flush out what I am hoping to achieve first before putting names to it. Then allow me to easily map and import that data into specific Aha! data elements when ready.

A specific use case is the following:

  • Senior leaders at an organization have no time to learn Aha! or have a desire to enter data

  • On a quarterly basis, they are defining "strategy" for the whole team. It could be items of work that might be broader like an initiative or more granular like a master feature or feature. At the time, they are not sure.

  • They might also want to specify additional data they need to report/track on too (which will probably require new custom fields/tables/worksheets)

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