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Status Future consideration
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Created on Oct 17, 2019

Product is consistent color carried throughout all Aha! record objection and reports

We report (Aha! presentation) multiple products to our business partners/owners through custom roadmaps, notes, list and other aha! report types.  When you use multiple report types in a single presentation, we use color to separate content by product.


Problem:  Aha! implementation color assign throughout it system differently.  Color for Initiative, Goal, Products are set in the object.  Releases, features, and ,,, are controlled in the views.  There is no way to control their color at the object level.


Request:  Provide an option to inherit the color setting of the product throughout all association Aha objects (Goals, Initiatives, Features, Releases....).   


Value:  Aha! presentation and reports will have consistent coloring across all products.  This also results huge reduction in administration work of maintaining multiple Aha! record objectives and report. 


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