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Created on Sep 30, 2019

Ability to map releases in the same product area to multiple workspaces in Rally

We have times when releases need to be under a particular product in Aha!, yet when they get pushed to Rally, they belong to more than one Rally board. It would be extremely helpful to pick which board in Aha! we are sending the release to in Rally. In other words, we have a problem with not being able to send different releases in the same product area to different rally boards.

ie  - Release v1 in product A needs to be send to Rally board A but Release v2 in product A needs to be sent to Rally board B. 

    Jul 22, 2022

    Thanks for the idea!

    Currently, you can create multiple integrations for Rally in your Aha! product settings with different setups, such as Workspace/Project combinations. You can then open a release in Aha!, click on "Send to", and select which integration you would like to use.

    Learn more in the article Integrate Aha! with Rally, see the last image on the page for selecting different integrations.

    Does that help your use case? I was curious if you were using the term Rally board interchangeably with Rally workspaces or projects.

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