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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories To-dos
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 20, 2019

Allow To Dos to be a configurable object

It seems that currently the way To Dos are set up in Aha! is such that they should be quick, check-off-in-one-go items (which, conceptually, they are).

However, sometimes To Dos cannot be completed in one go, or need to be completed in parallel to other work. It would be great to have To Dos as a configurable object like Features/Master Features/etc. so that fields like Priority or status workflow could be configured to be better customized to the way different teams wish to use To Dos

    Sep 20, 2019

    Thank you for your idea. As you mentioned, to-dos are meant to be lightweight objects that can be easily created and checked off when completed. With this in mind, they are meant to track a simple pending or done status. For work that requires a more complex configuration (workflows, custom fields, etc) we would recommend using features or requirements.

    At this time given the flexibility of configuration for other records we are unlikely to implement this idea. We hope you can understand.

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