Support "NULL" checks for calculated columns

When you are using calculated columns, and want to check if a 'value type' field such as a date is null, there isn't a clean way of comparing the value to null. For example: If a date is blank, return "Not set", else return the date formatted as a string.

We were able to overcome this by using the coalesce function:

if(coalesce(field(“Feature due date”), “1900-01-01") == “1900-01-01”, “Not set”, “<date>”)
However, it would  be more easy on the eye to be able to do:

if(field(“Feature due date”) == null, "Not set", ...)
  • Madeleine Black
  • Aug 13 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Laura Giles commented
    21 Aug 21:08


    ISBLANK /  NOTBLANK /NULL function support so I can run a calc if a core/custom field is blank.