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Created on Jul 25, 2019

Story Map - don't move the feature off the map when it's assigned to a release

We find it very useful to view the entire story map with stakeholders throughout the development process and even into release planning and beyond. This often helps frame context of discussions for new features by being able to hop back to items already done or in progress.

Currently in the new Aha! story map module when a feature is assigned to a release, it drops off the story map view. I had expected it to simply status that story and group it with the release. Then I expected that there would be filters that you could apply to the story map should you want to only review features in a particular release or even better, those stories not in a release yet so you could review with stakeholders for prioritization.

We currently use another story map product and although they have other features not in Aha! that we would be willing to live without, I can't envision using Aha!'s story map without the ability to maintain the map as you go.

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  • Amy Bundens
    Jul 25, 2019

    Update on this one... The first time I moved my feature, I did it from the Feature Board Parking Lot and drug the feature into a release. Doing that seems to make the feature drop off the Story Map Board. It appears if you drag the story map feature card on the Story Map Board to a release on that view, then it does leave it on the story map board AND puts it in the release. I would have expected to be able to put that feature in the release from either place and still have it stay on the Story Map Board. Seems dangerous to allow it from the Feature Board Parking Lot as well but have it behave differently and destroy that relationship.