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Status Future consideration
Categories Capacity planning
Created by Kumar S
Created on May 27, 2024

Differentiate Story Points for Bugs and Technical Tasks When Combining Acceptance Criteria with Story Points

What is the challenge?

We are currently unable to differentiate the story points for bugs and technical tasks when we combine acceptance criteria with story points. This limitation prevents us from creating a holistic view of the completed work and accurately assessing the percentage of work dedicated to innovation versus maintenance.

What is the impact?

The inability to combine and differentiate story points for bugs, technical tasks, and acceptance criteria in a single report has several negative impacts:

  • Inaccurate Work Assessment: We cannot accurately track the distribution of work between innovation and maintenance.

  • Incomplete Reports: Our reports lack comprehensive data, making it difficult to evaluate team performance accurately.

  • Decision-Making Challenges: Without a clear view of all work components, decision-making based on these reports is hindered.

Describe your idea

We propose an enhancement to the Aha! reporting capabilities that allows for combining and differentiating story points for bugs, technical tasks, acceptance criteria, and other categories within a single report. The desired solution should:

  • Enable the generation of a report that includes the number of features, acceptance criteria points, technical aspects, and bug story points.

  • Allow these components to be combined and differentiated in one comprehensive report.

  • Provide a clear and detailed view of team performance over a specified period.

Implementing this feature will enable us to:

  • Accurately track and compare innovation versus maintenance work.

  • Generate more meaningful and complete reports for team performance evaluations.

  • Improve decision-making processes based on comprehensive data insights.

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