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Status Future consideration
Categories Capacity planning
Created by Paweł Żmuda
Created on May 10, 2024

Report on capacity team total people based on workspace default assignee

What is the challenge?

When using the capacity report with detailed estimates, you will see a team associated with a record based on the capacity team the assignee of the record is associated with. However, this same association back to capacity team cannot be done in analytic reports in Aha!

Some teams do not use advanced estimates, and would still like to report on, based on the default assignee of the workspace, how many people specific team has.

What is the impact?

By having this feature we will be able to create e.g. a pivot table listing some workspaces together with total number of people (based on the default assignee that's going to be connected to some team) and list of e.g. features that team is going to work on.

Describe your idea

As it was raised in the top section, some teams are not using the advance estimate and connect the features with specific team by the default assignee of the workspace (and that person is connected to a specific team). That's working well and recently an extension was added to report on capacity team based on record assignee (A-I-16079). Through that feature we can see the Feature assignee capacity team which is great.

However here we would like to see for the workspace the team total people number based on the default assignee of the workspace. This would help us to see how much people are going to work on specific product/workspace.

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