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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Jake M
Created on Apr 23, 2024

Feature Roadmap is appropriately scaled in Presentation

What is the challenge?

Roadmaps do not present well in Presentation mode, (see attachment

What is the impact?

Maintaining a PowerPoint and Aha! version of the Product Roadmap risks lack of synchronisation and is time consuming

Describe your idea

Ability to manipulate the Roadmap release items to display in a user defined manner in Presentation and Roadmap view so that the timeline and boxes look appropriately scaled to the page

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  • Glyn H
    Apr 24, 2024

    I use Epic roadmaps a lot for presentations - works very well in most circumstances. It doesn't show well on a single 'slide' / screen however if there are only one or two Releases.

    • Although the Report will show a timeframe that stretches the width of the screen, in a Presentation it is trimmed to either side of the Release. The ability to set the start/end/'resolution' for the Timeline would help.

      • This should provide the ability to 'stretch' the Timeline bar across the presentation 'slide', allowing it to span the entire slide if needed.

    • Releases have a fixed width that is a good compromise where there are 'many'. It would be beneficial to have a 'wide' option, or the ability to specify a width for Releases on a per-Report basis would gives additional space for Release 'theme' and cards that can be used for views where there are few Releases. Suggest that could be set on the Report itself.

    On a journey to kill off 'traditional' presentations and move to Aha! instead, this would be a big help.