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Status Future consideration
Created by Kelly Sebes
Created on Apr 12, 2024

Ideas activity feed

What is the challenge?

PMs need to stay on top of the new feedback coming in, but they currently have to go to multiple places to find it. And there is no way to know if there is anything new to look at or what you have not yet reviewed, beyond the idea status and the notifications page. Additionally, the typical actions you take when reviewing new feedback are scattered across the idea record page, not within an easy flow of your job.

What is the impact?

It is hard to feel like you are staying on top of feedback and being responsive to customers and internal teams

Describe your idea

A new page or a new section on a new existing page, like Ideas overview, My work, or Notifications. Similar to the notifications page (perhaps built on it), PMs can

  • See a chronological feed of new feedback, including

    • New ideas

    • New comments

    • New proxy votes

  • Mark each as 'read' and get to "inbox 0"

  • Have easy access to common actions like status update, admin response, comment/reply, merge

  • Attach files