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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 9, 2024

Allow users to disable "Move features to new release" popup

What is the challenge?

When moving an Epic between releases, in our solution workspace, a popup asks "The following feature will be moved to NEXT. Please indicate whether the non-shipped epics in this feature should also be moved."

Accepting moves these tickets across our workspaces.

What is the impact?

Using this popup will pull our Features out of our Jira-integrated team workspaces and into our Solution workspace, severing their Jira integration and moving them into the Solution workspace... this is incredilby disruptive, requiring serious rework for all affected Features as we must return them to their workspaces and re-sync them and their child requirements.

Describe your idea

Ideally we could disable or avoid this popup in some or all of our workspaces. A many to many Jira to Aha workspace integration would also work for us, though I feel that is less likely. Retaining the Jira integration data even if disabled, would also help.

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