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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Julia Pence
Created on Mar 25, 2024

Allow workspace owner to grant additional permissions when access is given at the line level

What is the challenge?

When users have been given access at a line level, workspace owners below that line cannot give them additional access (i.e. if someone is a reviewer at the line level a workspace owner in that line cannot make them a contributor to that workspace). This means that an account admin has to do this kind of user management.

How would you solve it?

If users have been given access from a line level workspace owners of sub-workspaces should be able to grant them additional access to that line, though not remove it--so someone who has reviewer access to a line a workspace owner could make them a contributor or owner to the workspace but could not make them a viewer or remove their access completely.

What impact would it make?

It would make workspace owners more able to control access to their workspaces and reduce the burden on central admin teams, allowing larger Aha user bases with smaller admin teams.

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