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Status Future consideration
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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 22, 2024

Allow custom colors for custom table many-to-many fields

What is the challenge?

I've set up a many-to-many custom table field to take the place of a multi-select custom field. I can't change the color of the custom table entries, like I could with the multi-select tags. It makes it difficult to quickly see differences, because they're all dark grey.

How would you solve it?

Allow me to change the color in the same manner I can change colors for a multi-select tags entry.

What impact would it make?

Improved clarity with team/stakeholders, better visibility and customization.

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Color tag primary fields in custom table

When you use a tagged many-to-many custom field referring a custom table, the actual selected entries of the table appear with a dark grey background. For example, if you have created a custom table with all the scrum teams each with their own dis...
Guest almost 5 years ago in Features 0 Future consideration