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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by David I.
Created on Mar 21, 2024

Option to directly apply inherited settings to workspaces/lines

What is the challenge?

When a parent line is updated, or a workspace is moved between lines, there can be a complete (and often incorrect) change to the data as a result of inherited setting values changing.

Doing this manually is only possible when the user is an Owner of all levels of inheritance (in order to see where the setting is set, before going back to the workspace/line to apply directly), and can be beyond laborious when different settings are inherited from different lines in the hierarchy.

How would you solve it?

I would like some option, accessible through the workspace/line settings, that would allow me to have all inherited setting values (terminology, configurations, capacity planning, etc.) to become directly applied to the workspace/line I am in.

It would viable if this was an option that only existed when moving a workspace/line to a new spot in the hierarchy, too.

What impact would it make?

Especially in terms of migrating workspaces to new lines (portfolio shifts, archiving, etc.), this would prevent data quality issues & ensure that data retained for audit purposes remains clean.

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