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Status Future consideration
Categories Notes
Created by Ian Babelon
Created on Mar 20, 2024

Improve editing features within tables in Notes/Knowledge to make them more reliable

What is the challenge?

Tables are a great, versatile component, however editing text within tables gets a bit erratic: typing within a sentence or editing a word will unexpectedly send the cursor to the end of the paragraph or sentence, making editing content next to impossible. Note: I am not touching any navigation keys on my keyboard.

Also hashtagging to a #filename within a table can be hit and miss. It tends to work, but not always. This has gotten better in the last two months but can still happen. Typing a hashtag '#' will only return a reduced selection and fail to return any other file beyond the suggested selection of file names. One workaround is to include an embedded hyperlink to a file, instead of being able to include the label to a file/record in Aha! that one normally gets when typing '#' followed by the file name or reference.

How would you solve it?

Harmonising the editing features so that one can edit text effectively and efficiently. It is likely a bug of sorts.

What impact would it make?

Improve content editing as well as linking to other records on Aha! within tables.

Tables are one of several useful components to plan and evaluate UX research and product design activities, including sharing insights from end-users and customers in a legible, structured way.

Harmonised editing of content within tables will benefit all Aha! users.

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  • Ian Babelon
    Apr 8, 2024

    Noticing again today text editing within tables can be a bit jumpy, for example with the cursor systematically moving to the end of a sentence as one tries to edit the middle of that sentence. Also, some text that is not being cut might disappear when cutting other text, and then reappear once the other text has been pasted.

    Most other table content editing features seem to work well.

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