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Created on Mar 19, 2024

Allow fetching last team status change in list reports in Aha Develop

What is the challenge?

We use data based on team status changes (timestamps) in Aha Develop for some custom calculations, e.g. in custom List reports. This works very nicely for features which exist only in an Aha Develop Team. However, features which also are linked to an Aha Roadmaps Workspace / Release practically have two status fields, and when using the "Feature last status change" column in a ist report, it will update the timestampt with EITHER of these two status changes.
In our measurements however, we only care about the Develop / Team status (the roadmap status might have additional steps after a feature is done (e.g. "shipped", "Announced" etc.), but we only care about the "Done" status from the Develop Team. And, since we have many teams with different workflows, it's also not feasible to include "Status changed to X" columns.

How would you solve it?

An additional, optional report Data column "Feature last team status change", which only uses statuses / changes from the Aha Develop workflow(s), and ignores status changes of the Roadmaps workflows.

What impact would it make?

Greatly facilitating calculation capabilities in list reports.

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