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Categories Ideas
Created by Bob W
Created on Mar 15, 2024

Required Fields for Ideas When Submitting Outside of Ideas Portal

Who would benefit?

Internal Aha Users, People Reviewing Ideas

What impact would it make?

Ideas Not Being Submitted Without Required Fields

How should it work?

On the ideas portal, we have required fields set up. However, when you add an idea from the backend of Aha, for example from the "+" symbol on the top right of the header bar, these required fields aren't enforced.

Thus, we get staff adding ideas that are missing a lot of required information, and then we have to go back to them and ask them to update their idea.

    Mar 15, 2024

    Good news - this is possible today! There are separate idea form layouts for the ideas portal vs inside Aha! and you can make fields required in both. It sounds like you need to update the ideas custom field layout used in Aha! to enforce your required fields. Go to Settings > Account > Custom layouts. Select the Ideas tab. Edit the layout used for ideas in your workspace. On the "Create idea (pop-up)" layout, mark the intended fields as required.

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