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Status Future consideration
Categories Strategy
Created by Steve Dagless
Created on Mar 12, 2024

Personal OKRs

Who would benefit?

Organisations who use the OKR framework

What impact would it make?

Connect strategy from corporate level, through teams and to individuals. Connect the corporate red thread of strategy to the personal 'what's in it for me'. Help to support the social contract between market and individual.

How should it work?

I imagine users being able to create OKRs in their "my work" area to represent their personal OKRs for the quarter/year.

Personal OKRs could be aligned with (linked to using the roll-up) company OKRs at any level of the business.

Personal OKRs, created outside of workspaces or lines could be reported on separately from team goals and have additional privacy settings. For example, the user could specify who their line manager is on the OKR with a user field and that person can access the OKRs.

The user would be able to associate the work they're doing with the personal OKR somehow, to help build a portfolio of success for review with their manager. The association between work and personal OKRs would be private to that individual and their manager.

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