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Categories Ideas portal
Created by Kelly Sebes
Created on Mar 4, 2024

Ideas portals in an iframe support login in Safari

Who would benefit?

Product teams who embed their ideas portal in another website.

What impact would it make?

Our portal users in Safari would be able to access the embedded portal and leave feedback. We currently need to give them a link to access the portal directly.

How should it work?

When a Safari user visits a website with a portal embedded in an iframe, they can log in to the portal.

This currently works in Chrome, but may stop working as they change support for third-party cookies.

    Mar 11, 2024

    Safari and other browsers have a security requirement that cookies from embedded pages must from the same domain as the host page. Good news! You can use a cname for your embedded ideas portals to match your website. Use a unique cname for each embedded portal and make sure the iframe code data-portal-url refers to the portal cname as well. We will update our knowledge base to include this guidance.

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