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Status Future consideration
Categories Sprints
Created by Alexey Zimarev
Created on Feb 26, 2024

Numerate sprints incrementally from an existing sprint number

Who would benefit?

Users that are migrating from other dev tools

What impact would it make?

It will allow users to keep spring numbers they already have

How should it work?

Right now, sprints are numbered from one and the sprint number increases by one for each next sprint. But, if I rename the very first sprint to "Sprint 21" because we already had 20 sprints in another tool, Aha! Develop will still create the next sprint as "Sprint 2". I have to keep renaming sprints manually forever. Aha! Develop should either allow specifying the first sprint number before creating any sprints, or should consider the last sprint number and create the next one by incrementing it by one. For example, if my first sprint in Aha! Dervelop is "Sprint 21", I expect the next one be "Sprint 22".

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