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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Michael F
Created on Feb 20, 2024

Ability to add idea icon to record cards

Who would benefit?

Anyone that promotes ideas to other records and uses the feature/epic (other boards) to view record cards

What impact would it make?

without clicking into a record, I would be able to quickly reference if an idea was the origin of a particular record via card views

How should it work?

Ability to add green idea icon to cards via card customizations same as it appears and functions in the attachment. If the record originated from an idea the green icon would appear and further be clickable - take me to the idea.

Note: I am aware of the workaround, where I could add idea as a custom field and then add the custom field to appear in the card, but this approach would have better astatics, take less "real-estate" and be consistent with the other icons you can add to cards i.e. release, etc.

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