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Status Future consideration
Categories Notes
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 20, 2024

Uniquely link and filter to-do's to associated Document/Note

Who would benefit?

anyone who uses to-do's in Notes/Pages/Documents

What impact would it make?

reduce manual work, ability to view progress against different record types

How should it work?

If to-do's are created on a Note/Page/Document, the to-dos should be uniquely linked to that record such that it is possible to create a filter/list report/roadmap view which shows the Document Name against all the associated to-do's for that specific document.

This is currently a blocker to being able to easily have a template document which has a list of action items which can then be UNIQUELY tracked (current scenario is that a list report of to-do's by Workspace will result in duplicates being shown if multiple versions of the template document exist. Users have to manually create a unique to-do name in order to resolve this which is time consuming and inefficient).

It is almost possible to workaround this by using the "To-do Record" association, but being unable to filter by this field makes this impossible.

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