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Status Future consideration
Categories User story map
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 16, 2024

Creating and Associating multiple epics with step in Features -> User Story Mapping

Who would benefit?

Product planners

What impact would it make?

save so much time having to drag and drop and rearrange as you scale out/add detail to your user story maps

How should it work?

In user story mapping practice, you usually create the spine on the first row, representing activities, then each activivity (aha calls these steps) can have multiple steps horizontally in the second row, and then below each defined step you start to veritically place the details of that step.

It is necessary to be able to easily add multiple steps (2nd row- aha calls these epics) to each Activity. It is necssary to be able to record the steps easily, and when you do have all the associated epics and their details (aha calls these features) move together as a group.

Currently in aha's user story mapping you can't do the above. You have to create the epic in an empty step and then move it (which is painful as your story map scales), and to move all the contents of a multi epic step, you need to move each of the epic columns individually.

I would like to be able to:

a.) easily add additional epics under any existing step in a user story map

b.) easily reorder steps and bring with the step all its associated epics and features

Avion has a really solid user story interface that is super intuitive. But doing it in aha natively would make it much easier to take the story map into a roadmap.

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