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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas portal
Created by Angela Frey
Created on Feb 14, 2024

Idea portal comment review process - comments set to invisible until approved

Who would benefit?

Aha Admins

What impact would it make?

Improved compliance with public comment standards

How should it work?

When a user submits a comment, have it set to invisible until an Aha Admin "accepts" the comment. In that review process, let the Aha Admin set the comment to private, public, or internal as needed.

This way, if staff accidentally try to publicly post "private" information, it is not externalized.

Also, if a customer wants to post a very negative, expletive-filled comment, it can be moderated before it is seen by others.

This does add administrative overhead to the Aha admins and may delay commenters seeing their comments, but if an Aha account wants that level of governance and moderation then they should be able to enact it.

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