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Status Future consideration
Categories Salesforce
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 13, 2024

Improve salesforce integration error messages to assist remediation by adding the name of the organization to update errors

Who would benefit?

All aha admins integrating with salesforce

What impact would it make?

remove reliance on interaction with SFDC admin for information gathering

How should it work?

Currently, error messages show up in the log like "

Error13 Feb 11:34amSync: Not found error: We could not find Account 0023r9991cxE6BADU in Salesforce to import". But which organization in aha has that SFDC ID? Since aha doesn't show that ID has a field I can search for.. no idea. SFDC doesn't show it either once it's been deleted or merged. If you gave me the name of the organization next to the account ID, I would be able to delete the organization or troubleshoot appropriately. The accountID in the above error message is not real nor sensitive.

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