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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Max Robbins
Created on Feb 6, 2024

Have release phase custom fields be a part of release templates

Who would benefit?

Many teams use release templates to make it easy to build complex release plans and reuse them with every release. Now that we can add custom fields on release phases, these teams are using these to manage the complexity of their release processes.

I would like to establish custom field values on phases as part of the release template to make using these custom fields much easier.

What impact would it make?

This means that I can have release phases automatically created from a template with the key custom fields filled that I need for my planning and reporting process. Often these fields need to be preset from the beginning, not added as the release progresses.

How should it work?

From the release template where I can set phases and milestones, I want to also set specific custom fields from the release phase layout. These will then be set when a release template is used.

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