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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Rose Smith
Created on Feb 1, 2024

Faster linking in Research tab

Who would benefit?

Everyone who uses the Research tab.

What impact would it make?

Add more research faster. ⚡️

How should it work?

I find myself wanting to use the Research tab more, but a couple things slow me down:

1) It takes more clicks to add link > external link > enter a name and URL than just copying those links directly into my record description.

2) Not all the Aha! links I want to add are notes, some are features, requirements, etc. (Yes those could go in the Related tab, but I'd like to see it all in Research to reduce clicks.)

I wish there was an automagical way to simply paste a link under Concepts and have it smartly turn into into an external or internal link — maybe similar to what we have with pasting Aha! records as pills which I love!

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